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Date: 23rd June 2016
Shell And Tube Evaporators
Shell And Tube Evaporators ?5HP- 100HP Dryplus shell-and-tube evaporators are designed for air conditioning,Website:, refrigeration and industrial process cooling/heating systems. They can be used with all HCFC and HFC refrigerants at operating temperatures ranging from -40?C to 90?C. ?This range of dry-expansion evaporators consists of a wide selection of Dryplus-3 units, supplemented by special Dryplus-E models especially for large-scale air-conditioning and refrigeration installations. ? ? ?Dryplus-3 evaporators are widely used as air-conditioning coolers, refrigeration brine coolers and process cooling evaporators, as well as being ideal for use in heat pump applications. These robust, reliable units are suitable for use with all HCFC and HFC refrigerants, and are currently available in 25 sizes, with one, two, three or four refrigerant circuits and cooling capacities of 18?1500 kW. ? ? ?Dryplus-E units are specially designed to meet high Coefficient of Performance (COP) requirements in large industrial, commercial and HVAC installations ? such as where year-round cooling is needed. They are optimized for high-efficiency duties using R134a as refrigerant, making it possible to comply with stringent environmental standards. ? ? ?Dryplus-E evaporators are designed for exceptional efficiency even at partial loads. They are available with cooling capacities of up to 1420 kW and with one, two, three or four refrigerant circuits.Shell and tube chillers are extremely efficient. Moreover, they are very compact, requiring only a small footprint and overall height. Maintenance, an important consideration in costs terms, is also fairly straightforward. ?The concept of the shell and tube chiller is based on a large number of tubes formed into what is known as a tube bundle. Refrigerant flowing from the expansion device is passed into the tubes and progressively evaporates thereby producing a cooling effect through the latent heat of vaporisation. ?The tube bundle is mounted within a steel shell and end caps are fitted to both ends of the shell. Water is passed over the tubes and gives up heat energy to the surface of the tubes at lower temperature. The water therefore leaves the shell and tube chiller several degrees lower than the entering water temperature. This is known as a dry type or direct expansion evaporator. The water enters the side of the shell at one end and leaves the side of the shell at the other. Shell and tube chillers are supplied with screwed or flanged water connections. A drain connection is normally incorporated to allow the water in the shell to be removed. ?How It Works : Dry Plus type of evaporator is basically a heat exchanger that uses the well-known shell-and-tube principle to achieve the desired effect. It consists of a pressure vessel (the shell) with a bundle of tubes inside it. The primary fluid (the refrigerant) flows through these tubes, while the secondary fluid (normally water or anti-freeze brine) flows over the tubes (through the shell) in order to bring about heat transfer from one fluid to the other. The tube bundle can consist of different types of tubes ? copper inner-finned, stainless steel, carbon steel or copper-nickel ? ? ?Dryplus units are dry-expansion evaporators, designed for use as one component in cooling systems that consist of a compressor, a condenser, an evaporator and an expansion valve. The two-phase refrigerant arrives at the evaporator from the expansion valve. It then flows inside the tubes and evaporates as it absorbs heat from the surrounding secondary fluid, which is cooled down by this heat loss. ? ? ?The final part of the tube run is used to superheat the refrigerant. This is done because the refrigerant must always arrive at the compressor in vapor form in order to ensure the most efficient cooling possible. Specially designed baffles are used on the shell side in order to boost heat transfer efficiency still further.ModelCapacityFlowExternal Dimension?(mm)Gas OutGas InWater In/OutTEMP. SensorDrain PortN.WKWM3/HABCDEFGHRL?a?bw1/2i1/2gKgLD-5.0DKG11.62.0660170905001304006020035352219501/22529LD-8.0DKG18.63.2950170907901906006020035352819501/22536LD-10DKG23.24.011801709010203506006020035352819501/22540LD-12DKG27.94.8900200907401606006020040402819501/22548LD-15DKG356.011102001009401508006020040403822631/22554LD-20DKG46.58.0142020010012503708006020040403822631/22564LD-25DKG58.110.01460225100129025010006020043433828631/22578LD-30DKG69.712.01460250100129025010006026053533828631/22595LD-40DKG9316.01720250110154030012006026053535428751/225115LD-50DKG116.320.02120250110194050012006026053535428751/225136LD-60DKG139.524.02030280110185050012006026065607638751/225168LD-70DKG162.828.02340280120215050015006026065607638901/225188LD-80DKG18632.02100315120191035015006030070707638901/225222LD-90DKG209.336.02300315120211050015006030070708938901/225242LD-100DKG232.640.02530315120234065015006030070708938901/225262Working Condition: Refrigerant R22 Chilled water in?TEMP.(Ti)=12?,out?TEMP.(Tu)=7?,Evaporation TEMP.(T0)=2? FAQ : ?Q: Are you a direct manufacturer and exporter from China? ?A: Yes, Shenzhen Lando Technology Industrial Co.,ltd which professional manufacture Shell And?Tube Evaporators , Shell And?Tube Exchangers in China . Has the right to export the exchangers and evaporators to the world .Q: Where?s your factory located? ?A: We are located in Shenzhen?City, Guangdong Province, China. It is near Hong Kong . ? ? ?Q: How do I purchase your goods? ?A:?Please send the enquiry directly?to our email reply you within 24 hours once got it . Or call us at any time 86-15814051508 . ? ? ?Q: May I?use my logo printing ? ?A: ?Yes , It can be print your logo on it if up some quantities.Q: How long is the lead time? ?A:??It will takes 5- 7 working days once got the payment. ? ? ?Q: If I need my own size? ?A: Yes, For the chillers size would be made accordingly?your requirements .Q: How can I pay you? ?A: T.T or Western Union or others way .